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The healthcare and medical services industry is one of the largest and most valuable sectors of the economy today. For businesses seeking to expand their presence in this market by submitting bids on hospital RFPs, medical contracts and healthcare RFPs at the state, city, county and special district level, BidNet remains the most effective way to target the government contract opportunities that interest you.

Daily Opportunities

Healthcare and medical vendors, and suppliers benefit from BidNet’s customized opportunity notifications, which deliver open city, township, county, state and federal hospital bids directly to our members every day. Our easy-to-use interface allows you to quickly review the open bids that match your business needs and easily submit your bid.

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State and Local Bids

Healthcare spending in the United States totaled $2.9 trillion in 2013, representing an increase of 3.6 percent over 2012. This spending was distributed at all levels of government and throughout the many subsectors of the healthcare industry, from pharmaceutical manufacturing and distribution to medical equipment, laboratory services and physician services. Each of these subsectors provides a range of opportunities for businesses that are seeking to bid on contracts in the healthcare and medical industry.

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Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

The drug and pharmaceutical sectors of the healthcare industry are among the most profitable areas of government contracting for businesses. Retail spending on prescription drugs in the U.S. reached $271.1 billion in 2013, a healthy 2.5 percent increase from 2012. State, municipal and county governments regularly issue medical RFPs in an effort to source pharmaceuticals from reputable companies, generating a consistent supply of open bids for eligible businesses.

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Medical Laboratory Services, Equipment and Research

Government agencies often require the services of medical laboratories, research facilities, and medical equipment manufacturers. $43 billion was spent on medical equipment in 2013 in the United States, a year-on-year increase of 4.2 percent. Your business can benefit directly from these opportunities by using BidNet to review open bids and submit responses to requests for proposals that require medical laboratory services, new equipment or the use of research facilities.

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Physician Services

Physician services remain in high demand, even in the age of the multi-purpose private clinic and an increasing reliance on complimentary medical services. A physician’s skills and expertise are essential requirements for any government RFP involving health services or healthcare, and physicians and other healthcare professionals, including nurses, nurse practitioners and paramedics, are regularly contracted to provide consulting, research, or hands-on training for government agencies.

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In addition to the subsectors detailed above, there are many other areas of opportunity for qualified healthcare service providers and medical product suppliers. Some of these include


“Since 1998 we’ve used BidNet to alert us of upcoming or published opportunities at the state level that we are interested in. We like that we get the Bid Alert® Bulletins daily, which provide a link to each solicitation. It’s great that the solicitations are included in the notices so we don't have to scramble to find them on each state’s site. BidNet also provides amendments and keeps us up to date.”
- Lucia Davidson, Project Information Coordinator, The Lewin Group

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