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Most government agencies maintain a selection of vehicles and related infrastructure, such as garages and maintenance stations, to support day-to-day transportation needs. For example, state forestry services may require the use of trucks, boats or all-terrain vehicles, whereas city sanitation departments require their own specialized transportation services. Vendors that provide products and services in the auto parts, vehicle repair, vehicle maintenance and transportation services sectors can increase their government business opportunities with BidNet.

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BidNet sends daily summaries of open transportation bids from across the U.S. to vendors with our customized notifications. These easy-to-read email notifications make it simple to receive, review and bid on city, county, state and federal RFPs in your preferred sector. Businesses that provide aircraft equipment, moving services, warehousing and custom vehicle modification can also receive more government contract opportunities with BidNet. If you are a vendor seeking to bid on school transportation RFPs or other transport bidding opportunities, you can use BidNet's system of 9,000 product and service codes to precisely target the contracts that you want to bid on.

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Open Transport Bids from Public Agencies

The Congressional Budget Office calculates that the federal government spends over $50 billion annually to improve transportation infrastructure. Most of these funds are distributed to state and local governments for regional mass transit and highway projects. In turn, local governments publish requests for proposals to source products and services that are required for these projects, creating many opportunities for professionals in the transportation and logistics sectors, as well as businesses specialized in the sale and maintenance of all types of vehicles.

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BidNet members benefit from our detailed information on hundreds of thousands of closed bids awarded by local governments. BidNet also provides an advanced search tool of closed and awarded solicitations to find what may be coming near the end of a contract term, allowing you have an influence on the creation of the next proposal.

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BidNet gathers government contract opportunities from the following subsectors of the vehicles, transportation and logistics sectors


“The BidNet operation is top notch. The reports are spot on and provide just enough detail for us to make decisions on what fits and what doesn’t. Joining BidNet was a good move for us in a very competitive market!”
- Phil Vallone, President, Rolling V

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