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Government Contracts for Businesses: Federal, State and Municipal Opportunities

Government Contracts for Businesses: Federal, State and Municipal Opportunities

In 2014, there exist significant opportunities for private contractors to do business with county, state and federal governments on a multitude of ongoing projects. Despite an increasing emphasis on doing more with less - due to the reality of smaller budgets and the availability of fewer resources in the post-recession climate - some areas of government spending have remained consistent or even increased in recent years. For example, departments focused on IT spending and critical infrastructure spending (including highways, bridges and water infrastructure) have enjoyed more attention, and expanding budgets, largely as a result of public concern regarding the state of vital public resources.

In addition to the vast number of government contracting opportunities available to private companies and reputable entrepreneurs, the emergence of technologies designed to streamline the process of searching for and bidding on government RFPs has made it easier for contractors to find the opportunities most suited to their competencies and experience. All levels of government are currently working to modernize their internal procurement processes; private contractors can now do the same by using a robust bid service to quickly and efficiently seek out RFPs, submit bids and keep in touch with buying agencies.

Using a bid service to grow and optimize your contracting business is the most effective way to ensure that you are not missing out on valuable opportunities in the public sector. Below are details about some of the areas of government spending that have shown growth in recent years, as well as the types of businesses that governments are seeking to contract with.

Information Technology

A survey conducted by the Public Technology Institute in 2014 discovered that, of over 500 respondents, over 80% indicated that departmental spending on information technology will stay the same or increase from 2013 levels. The respondents included municipalities (67.1%), counties (24.4%), and special district and state governments (8.5%). These figures show that even in the wake of sequestration, cities and states understand the need for highly functional IT environments, and are willing and able to make the necessary resource allocations to ensure that their internal systems are up to date. Contractors offering services in the fields of systems administration, software engineering, network administration, data collection and the development of "smart cities" technology are all well-positioned to provide much-needed expertise to city, state and federal departments.

Critical Infrastructure

Federal funding is crucial to the health and operational viability of the infrastructures that serve states, municipalities and special districts. Water infrastructure, highways and bridges, mass transit systems, and energy distribution networks are all fundamental to daily life in the United States, and the economic performance of states and the nation as a whole are dependent on these critical infrastructures to facilitate trade, travel and communication.

Private businesses seeking to bid on government RFPs would be wise to focus at least some of their efforts on addressing the maintenance and development needs of these sectors, at all levels of government. Contractors specialized in construction, engineering, environmental research, energy infrastructure, and the sourcing of materials are especially sought after for large regional infrastructure projects. Further, businesses specializing in human resources management, community and economic development, and private- public partnerships bring vital skills and fresh perspectives to public infrastructure initiatives.

Other Sectors

The majority of tax revenue received by states, counties and municipalities is spent on basic social services for communities, ranging from the upkeep of existing public properties to federally-funded initiatives such as Medicare, education, and assistance programs that improve quality of life for vulnerable populations including disabled persons and the elderly. The government departments that direct and administer these programs regularly post procurement RFPs and solicit private businesses to bid on specific aspects of their ongoing programs. Companies active in the health care services sector, manufacturers of medical equipment and therapeutic professionals can seek out government bid opportunities that speak to their skill sets or service offers. Similarly, businesses that provide educational supplies and/or services are sought after by school boards and districts nationwide.

Today, the opportunities for private contractors of all specializations to work with city, state and federal governments are practically unlimited. Take the time to research the government RFPs that match your service offer by using a robust bid service, and take advantage of the tools available to you to make submitting bids a quick, efficient and profitable process.

Nathan Munn |