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Emergency Preparedness Solutions, LLC: Finding Success in the Public Sector with BidNet

Emergency Preparedness Solutions, LLC: Finding Success in the Public Sector with BidNet

Emergency Preparedness Solutions is a woman-owned small business based in Utica, NY. Founded in 2012, EPS specializes in emergency and disaster planning, training programs and emergency response exercises for clients in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors. Their goal as a company is to help prepare organizations to face emergency situations and to minimize impacts to lives, property, and finances. As someone who has previously worked for a New York state government agency, Tim Riecker, Emergency Preparedness Solutions’ Partner and Principal Consultant, is very familiar with government bidding and felt  that pursuing government contracts would be the best way to grow the business and make a name for themselves in the emergency services market. At first, Riecker and his wife, Dr. Robin Voetterl-Riecker, did all the leg work associated with finding opportunities, spending countless hours searching through hundreds of bids to find anything  relevant to their service offer. After realizing that this approach was too time-consuming, they decided to look into companies that could research opportunities for them and find government bids and RFPs that EPS could submit proposals on. After researching several different bidding services, they decided that BidNet was the best fit for their business.  EPS’ owners like the fact that BidNet is based in New York and has better prices than their competitors and is known to provide targeted bid opportunities.

The company couldn’t be happier with their choice. BidNet’s exclusive Bid Alert® Bulletins have been particularly helpful for Emergency Preparedness Solutions: Riecker says that he benefits from receiving the open opportunities provided in the Bulletin and notes that “the information is better and easier to review.” He also appreciates the individual attention that BidNet employees put towards each bid they find, and likes that BidNet customer care reps reach out to EPS regularly to check in on their progress and to see if they have any questions or comments about the service. Riecker also states that, along with the Bid Alert® Bulletin, he enjoys the easy and immediate access he has to closed bid information on the BidNet website and uses the Executive Assistant feature that allows him to manage all the bid opportunities that he is interested in.

Today, the vast majority of Emergency Preparedness Solutions’ clients are government agencies. Continuing to find relevant contract opportunities is vital to the growth and success of the company; EPS has found that BidNet provides them with perfectly matched opportunities that meet their business needs, saving the company valuable time and allowing them to pursue more contracts on a regular basis. Even when EPS does not win a contract that they submitted a bid on, the partners have found that just by submitting a bid proposal they open up a beneficial dialogue with purchasing directors, helping EPS to develop great relationships with many different agencies.

When asked if BidNet has helped Emergency Preparedness Solutions grow, Riecker said “Absolutely.”
By providing more relevant opportunities on a daily basis, BidNet has helped EPS compete effectively in a niche market, giving them the time savings they need to submit more proposals - and ultimately win more contracts.