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Aventura: Saving Time and Resources with BidNet’s Unique Service Platform

Aventura: Saving Time and Resources with BidNet’s Unique Service Platform

Aventura Technologies, Inc. is a U.S. manufacturer that provides security solutions hardware and software products to both public and private sector customers globally. For over 17 years they have been providing end-to- end security solution products including Cameras, CCTV accessories, Video management and transmissions, access control and matrix systems. The company also offers related services such as security vulnerability and threat assessment, loss prevention audits, crisis management planning and implementation, contingency planning and policy and procedure development. As Aventura was bidding on government contracts they were using a few different bidding services to help them find bids but ultimately decided they were not impressed with the results; they noticed they were not receiving as many relevant bids as they expected and decided it was time to try a new service. That’s where BidNet came in.

After becoming a member of BidNet, Aventura was not only able to see more bid opportunities that matched perfectly with the company’s service offer, but noticed they were also receiving these opportunities in advance of their competition. After signing up with BidNet and receiving daily Bid Alerts® the company realized the added benefits of the service when they were receiving more detailed information about the opportunities, this was something the other services did not offer, allowing Aventura to prepare and submit bid proposals faster than their competitors.

Lavonne Lazarus, Aventura’s Director of Business Development, stated one of her favorite aspects of BidNet is how accessible the website is, and that the “unique” design of the site allows her to find all the information she needs about a bid in one place. “I don’t have to go through many sites to find the [bid] documents,” she says, mentioning that instead of taking a whole day to search through hundreds of bids, she now only spends about 30 minutes a day scanning all the open contract opportunities she receives and can quickly decide which bids are right for the company and which ones they can pass on. Ms. Lazarus also notes she likes how the bid summary from BidNet contains all of the vital information she needs to make a decision, including the bid specifications, closing date and agency contact information.

Ms. Lazarus also appreciates that she can search the BidNet Bid database by keywords or simply by filtering the bid opportunities; she also takes advantage of all the information stored in the Bid Library. Ms Lazarus says that since becoming a member of BidNet, Aventura has been able to grow their business in various ways, stating that BidNet provides Aventura with “the intelligence and tools to reach out to [more] potential clients.” By receiving more bid opportunities, Aventura has been able to win more contracts, but even when the company doesn’t win a bid, Ms. Lazarus notes that they still benefit from being able to introduce their company to decision makers in the public and private sectors.