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JACK DOHENY SUPPLIES: Utilizing Bidnet for Business Expansion

JACK DOHENY SUPPLIES: Utilizing Bidnet for Business Expansion

Over time, Jack Doheny Supplies has become a master of the sewer cleaning equipment business. With 13 North American locations and over 50 years of experience selling new, used and remanufactured pump trucks, vacuum trucks and other sewer cleaning equipment, they are the world's largest supplier for their industry.

As a growing company, which does about 30% of their business with the public sector, it is important for Jack Doheny Supplies to have a flexible, reliable and expansive service for all their government contracting needs.

Before discovering BidNet however, finding new government business was a slow and tedious process. Furthermore, the company was limited to working within their immediate area or areas in which they were able to find bids on their own. This limitation restrained their geographic growth, stifling the company's ability to expand.

Now Jack Doheny Supplies finds many government opportunities quickly and in multiple regions using BidNet. BidNet has helped them become a growing powerhouse in their industry.

Jack Doheny Supplies has been a valued BidNet customer for more than a decade. Using BidNet's government bidding service, Jack Doheny Supplies has grown from three locations to their current 13 locations. Their service and rental fleet of vehicles has also grown from 50 vehicles to 750.

BidNet has helped Jack Doheny Supplies break into new geographic areas by having the flexibility to expand its offerings as Jack Doheny Supplies added additional regions. BidNet has been able to find them opportunities in those new locations as soon as they were needed.

Jack Doheny Supplies, Sales Administrator, Teri Barnum, finds BidNet's daily Bid Alerts especially helpful as it allows her to see what opportunities the company has waiting for them across the country on a daily basis.

"Bidnet is incredibly easy to work with. Any questions we have, they take care of for us" says Teri Barnum, Sales Administrator at Jack Doheny Supplies.