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Pagones-O’Neill Inc.: Investigating Cost Efficiency

Pagones-O’Neill Inc.: Investigating Cost Efficiency

Pagones-O’Neill Inc., is a highly-respected private investigation and security firm with over 20 years of experience serving the New York and Connecticut region. The company offers a wide range of investigative and surveillance services, including civil and criminal investigations, surveillance and under-cover investigations, executive protection details and more. When it came time to explore government contracting opportunities, Pagones-O’Neill President Steve Pagones, was faced with the problem of finding the right service to help his company discover relevant bids for his business.

Because Pagones-Oneill provides services within a niche market, contract opportunities encompassing surveillance assignments, civil and criminal investigations, litigation assistance, witness location, interviews and statements, accident scene inspection, photo and video documentation, background and due diligence assignments, insurance fraud investigations, and matrimonial and custodial investigations are all viable work assignments for the company. As well, several of these services are in high demand within the public sector; however the challenge was to find a way to cut through the noise of the thousands of government RFPs that are issued every day to identify the contracts that were a good fit for Pagones-O’Neill. After asking around about the best way to find these targeted opportunities, Pagones decided to become a member of BidNet, the only company in the government bidding industry with more than 30 years of experience helping businesses discover the opportunities that are right for them. Pagones-O’Neill now does about half of their total business within the public sector, in part because BidNet has been able to simplify the search process for bid information and RFPs. Steve Pagones now receives a list of relevant opportunities that he can act upon every day, thanks to BidNet’s Bid Alert® Bulletins.

“Before BidNet, it was almost impossible to learn about the numerous government bidding opportunities,” says Pagones. He notes that using BidNet saves him time and resources, giving him more time to prepare bids that in turn lead to more profitable contracts. BidNet’s ease of use made the transition to the service a quick and easy one for Pagones-O’Neill, and they continue to enjoy that ease of use today. Steve Pagones’ favorite part of being a BidNet member is receiving the daily Bid Alert® Bulletins. “BidNet is very simple to use and constantly notifies us [about fresh opportunities], so that we can begin the bid preparation right away,” Pagones says.  He added that since becoming a BidNet member, any support he or his staff needs while using the service is always provided quickly, efficiently and in a friendly manner.  

“BidNet’s personnel are always willing to help you get the most out of their service.”